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Though I like all generations of Firebirds, from the orginal 1967 to the grand finale of 2002, I have always had a preference to the 1970 to 1981 2nd generation Firebirds, there were a variety of different versions available...

Here are a few of my personal favorites

1971-1972 Trans Am with the 455cid V8 and a 4speed manua/lucerne blue/white stripe/white interior /with those beautiful honeycomb wheels that Pontiac offered.

1973-1974 Trans Am 455-SD/4speed or Auto/buccaneer red or brewster green/honeycombs

1974 Firebrid Esprit/350 or 400/gold/just like Jim Rockfords

1977 Trans Am-Special Edition-Y82/4speed with the W72 400 V8/just like the Bandit!

Any 1978-1979 Trans Am with the WS6 package/t-tops/4 speed

1979 Trans Am 10th anniversary/silver on silver/W72 400/4 speed/WS6 package-At the time it was the most expensive Firebird ever, $10,000 plus, in 1979! It celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Trans Am's introduction in 1969. Pontiac only made 7500 of these beauties, and the majority of them were automatic equiped versions with the Oldsmobile 403cid V8, not a bad motor, but the hot combo was the 4speed manual model which came with Pontiacs last high performance 400cid V8, pushing out 220net hp, though it does not sound like much now, remember that this was 1979! When the best that the Mustang could do was a 135hp 302cid V8 or a 140hp 2.3litre turbo 4 cylinder, the last 400cid V8 Trans Ams and Formulas were some of the fastest cars on the road at the time, while looking through a Road&Track road test digest from 1979 the only other cars that I could find that were faster were the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Ferrrari 512BB, the 1979 Corvette was just a tick slower than the Trans Am, running 0-60 in 6.6 seconds compared to W72 equiped Trans Am's 6.5 second 0-60 time. All 10th anniversary Trans Ams were actually there own separate model, as it noted on their vin numbers, all of them came equiped one way-loaded! They all came with T-tops, leather, power windows and locks, rear-defrost, digital AM-FM stereo with 8-track, power trunk, and polished "turbo" wheels, which were not available on other Trans Ams until 1980. The 10th anniversary Trans Am was also the debut of Pontiacs now signature red instrument panel lighting.
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