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And no tire/wheel manufacturer can make the center hub/spoke area look different?
Yeah the more I looked at them I could see that the center hub area could be changed. That's very different than the typical Tweels you see on Zero Turn mowers.

It would take some time getting used to seeing just the hub being different. It wouldn't probably be a big deal on FWD cars that don't have a deep offset and already look like typical Hubcaps of old but I've never seen a hubcap look as good as a wheel. Time will tell.

The biggest obstacle will probably be price and that might take a while to be anywhere near competitive with traditional tires.

Drag racers solved that issue decades ago.
For sure but bead locks suck on the street. If I remember right the Demon actually has a knurled area near the bead to help with the tire slipping on the rim.
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