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After Market Suspension and Rims Question

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Okay, I'll likely get hazed for this but I'm willing to take it haha.

I drive a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire 4 door. Its a good car no problems with it in the 20,000km's that ive driven it (its at 100,000 now) Im pretty bored with my stock rims because they're small and ugly. I also dont like how loose my suspension is. It feels like im going to roll the car at 25km/h going around a corner. I want to replace the suspension and lower it an inch and a half (not to much but enough to make a noticeable change) When i do that i want to throw on some 17 or 18" rims.

My only concern right now is when i go over a bump the entire interior of my car rattles. I've started to fix some of it and its already better, but i can imagine with a firmer suspension the car will rattle a bit more, is that the right assumption?

One of the things that I notice rattle is my manual window arm's. I thought about putting a couple of "O" rings on each on to stop the vibration but I dont know if that would work. Is there a way i can make it not rattle? I'll be purchasing some dynamat for my rear deck, i do have a sub and while it doesnt rattle a lot it does rattle enough for me to hear it.

Is there anything I can do to prevent rattle with the new suspension?
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