The time to spend all that money you've been saving not going and buying rounds for friends is finally here. Black Friday deals are starting Thursday and everything is Cyber Monday. That's right! 2020 really is living up to its reputation because the days is mixed up and time has no meaning. But money still does, so Advance Auto Parts is offering 25% off on auto parts.

The sale is happening all day Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27. You can find the deals by following the link and using code BF25. Discounts seem to apply to pretty much everything on Advance Auto Parts' website, though there is a little addendum suggesting that your savings will max out at $50.

So while your family Zoom call is dragging on this Thanks Giving, remember to keep the Advance Auto Parts tab open so that you can do a little light shopping while uncle Vernon tells you that story about his root canal again.

Go to and don't forget to use code BF25.