Chevrolet is happy to announce ZL1 1LE chassis and suspension components are now available for the Camaro SS through the Chevrolet Performance Parts Catalog.

Highlighting the announcement is Todd Napieralski, who drives a Camaro SS with 1LE add-ons in SCCA's Trans-Am TA4 class. The car was built last year with the cooperation of Chevrolet Performance and Total Performance Racing, using concept ZL1 1LE parts, which were then subsequently incorporated into the production Camaro ZL1 1LE.

Parts available include Mutimatic's DSSV suspension system which includes dampers, front and rear coil springs, a 10 mm ride height reduction, and a ZL1-spec sway bar. The package decreases roll by 22 percent and increases front spring stiffness by 245 percent, along with offering adjustable ride height and camber.

There's a second suspension upgrade package which offers robust front ride links, front handling links, rear upper and lower trailing links and rear knuckles, plus stiffer bushings and ball joints to reduce suspension flex. Lastly, there's a set of solid-mounted rear cradle mounts which reduce rear suspension deflection under high-speed direction changes.

Chevy is also making ZL1 1LE aero upgrades available as well, currently only the carbon fiber pedestal wing has been made available, but the company is exploring offering the new front fascia, front fenders, grille, front splitter, dive planes and heat extractor hood.

Basically, anyone with a sixth-gen Camaro SS can build themselves a racecar with both on parts available through your local Chevy store.