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I am searching for a truck and found one I really like. But... Carfax says it was in a rear end accident. I figured there aren't any difficult moving parts like up front, and that it could be quite a bargaining tool.

What are your opinions about rear end collision repairs. I have never had one. I am usually quite leery of buying accident vehicles.

The vehicles was traded in what looks like to be a little over 14 months.

I called the dealership that did the repair, and they do not keep detailed records f what was repaired that far back, just that it was repaired.

What do you think about test driving it right before or after test driving an equivalent non-accident vehicle?

What about longevity issues? Are there any with a rear end repair?

I do not know the extent of the damage. I guess it could be anywhere from a bumper replacement to rear axle replacement.

Any opinions?


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Probably not a bad decision. My uncle's old Mercedes E-320 was involved in a rear-end accident. On the outside, nothing looked wrong, but upon further inspection, the axle was screwed up pretty badly and was out of alignment.

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Too bad.
Carfax generally gets their info from police reports.
They are a joke, but they advertise alot, so banks and the general public put a little too much faith into their results.

Your insurance company can find out way more information about the loss with an ISO search. (Eye-so) If your agent isn't a complete tool, he/she can make some calls.
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