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I was out yesterday in an Academic trip (Meaning there's lots of grades involved) to Los Santos, Panama (about halfway thru the country). Had to get up at 2AM to be out by 3:30, we were supposed to leave at 4:30 but buses didn't show up 'till 5:20. First one was a black with airbrushed paint job Asia, second was a Scania Jum Buss and third was an I think an ex-Cross Country American bus.

Given that the a-holes got in the bigger, fancier, faster Scania and dumbass people got in the American because of "glamor" (although I find nothing glamorous in beat up cross country transportation regardless where it's from) I got in the first one. Boy was I right, the CC Bus's throttle linkage broke halfway down to Los Santos and they were left stranded until the replacement (A Mercedes) arrived.

Here's the bus pics.

No CC or Scania pics because it was too dark or too cramped.

OK, here's the Corpus Cristi pics.


These others were taken with my dad's older DMC-FZ1, but I love the optical zoom it has.

How can I not look for cars? Although not much to write home about.

One of the so many recently donated new pickups.

Diesel Ram! Clatter made my day for sure.

L200 from El Salvador

Ultra Rice!

Kinda like this one

And this one

Here's some other pics.


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mikmak said:
Thanks for the pics Panama Gearhead. They really put some detail into the Corpus Cristi Masks. What's it all about? I could google it but I prefer to hear (read) real peoples understanding of things.

P.S. Nice ricer :D
hehe thanks.

It's reminiscent of the Spaniards "discovering" America. How the beliefs of the indians were mixed with the Catholic points of view, and how indians really put some effort into theater to teach and learn about the religious beliefs the Spaniards brought.

Nowadays each country has something unique to the celebration since they've become part of our culture.

For example, there's a guy, I think it's the black mask one that goes after women. So say you're with your girlfriend or wife or lover, if she's scared he'll continue to bother her, more scared and he'll start making sexual insinuations, she runs away and he chases her. Fun to watch.

Also there's a guy dressed as a bull that rams into the crowd randomly.

During the mass there's a guy dressed as the devil, like a graphic representation that the devil is there in hunt of a lost soul and constantly interrupts the mass.

And the first ones were taken with my own Lumix DMC-FX3. Even I was shocked how clear and still they came out.
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