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A video for all those who think that if a car is small it must be unsafe

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About 9 min but worth watching. Go to about 5:10 to watch the crash.
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Strength is only half of the safety of a car. The other half is the g-force. The lower your weight compared to the car you're crashing into, the more g-force you have to deal with. Which is why no matter how well designed a small car its, its never going to be as good as a (well designed) large car.

This video proves nothing btw. That Volvo was ancient. And the Renault really wasn't that much smaller.
This isn't about the Volvo, it is about the Renault. The Modus is a Toyota Yaris/ Chevy Aveo sized car. So, it is pretty small. The crumple zones in a car are there to reduce the g-forces. You do not go from 40-0 in an instant, the car crumples in front of you so that that you have more time to come to rest, reducing the g-forces you face.

A well designed larger car is always going to be statistically safer but what this shows is that a modern small car is not a death trap.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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