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A video for all those who think that if a car is small it must be unsafe

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About 9 min but worth watching. Go to about 5:10 to watch the crash.
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those two cars werent designed with the same specs in mind.

a large 5 star rated car will beat a small 5 star rated car, i have no doubt of that. this is because they dont cross test size categories. all a small car goes up against is small cars in its testing (a wall only reciprocates a force equal to the amount applied), while large cars go up against large cars. this means its safe to bet a large car is overdesigned for a crash with a small car. or at least, thats the way it seems to me
Is it possible that since the structure on the modus is so stiff that instead of the car dissipating the energy as it crumples, more force is applied to the occupant, such as what happened to Dale Earnhardt when he crashed and ended up with basal skull fracture. NASCAR cars are built like tanks, but because he was subjected to such a great G-force his head snapped forward and ultimately was the reason for his death.
yeah, i see what youre saying. if youre gonna hit a wall or a tree in a stiff little car like that then i agree, with you. but if youre hitting something deformeable, i think the small rigid car uses the fact that the other car is designed to crumple to its advantage.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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