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just one question for GM's problem. every one knows gm got too many brands, chevy, pontiac,saturn, saab, caddy, gmc, hummer disregard others in other countries like holden,opel, vh etc...
so, why can gm focus this problem? u going to say, oh repost we all know that...
no, i meant why can GM just sell GM and pick one luxury brand like caddy, and one more for trucks which gm can combine gmc and hummer. now let's pick all good ones or say keeping the good ones from each subsideries like keeping malibu slashing g6 and aura; keeping g8 kicking impala(or just change g8 to impala); keeping enclave forget about outlook acaidia and traverse, and so on.....
this will make gm a new brand but solve rebadging, overlapping, saving advertising, and think about going to one dealer that u can have them all. in fact, this happens in my city Brooklyn in NYC, there is no Saturn here, nor Staten Island after they sold those dealers. i got to go to new jersey to see one or 60 miles away, it used to have 3 near me, one 3miles away and 8 miles. Same with one pontiac dealer use to be one like 4 miles away was sold to Mitsu. consider all brands, gm got dealers everywhere still, but too many branding makes them scarcy. thats why i cant testdrive an Astra.

on the other hand, japanese or European, even korean are running one economic brand and one lux brand and maybe one more something creative. this because u either poor or rich or cant afford at all. u think people will give a dan if it's a pontiac corvette or a chevy vette if they look the same?

a month ago, i convinced my father to buy himself a Aveo other than a Fit. good thing was the emplyee price lured him, and the Fit was not there in honda showroom, nor any scions left in toyo rooms. those probably sold out. i cant imagine how popular they r these days.

well, gm, make changes, i want to visit u soon. i will even let u copy my ideas for free. just dont die. i have faith in you and love u too.

from your loyalt costumer
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