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A question on aftermarket exhaust systems (4th gen f-body).

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I've just brought a 02' firebird(3800 series) and I need opinions on exhaust systems, so im not left unsatisfied again.
I've had a flowmaster 40series on the other firebird, while I liked the deep rumble, at idle it sounded "chuggy", had alot of backpressure and all round too boy-raceyish. Plus it attracted unwanted attention everyday (usually 18-22 yr olds with ragged out mustangs and/or fart canned civics, well im guilty of the ragged out 88' bird)
But I want something thats quieter at idle, having a more "refined sound" , while sounding aggressive at 3/4 or full throttle.
Im swaying between magnaflow (friend has one on a 03' stang sounds great), slp (since it was factory optioned on the firehawk/firebird gt) I haven't found out if it was the loudmouth series or not, seeing thats the only series they offer on f-bodies the lm I & 2. Or maybe even borla...
I know it comes with the territory of owning a pony car with the attention, but I want a aftermarket exhaust that doesn't automatically say "drag me" but something I would enjoy when i do get into it.
I've done my research for almost 2 weeks and need further insight.


PS. this wont get done for at least a few months, or at least a few paychecks..:(
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I've got 50-series Flowmasters on my Monte Carlo with a modified 305 V8 and I really like the sound. It's super quiet in the cabin with the windows up and moderately loud with the windows down. Outside it's pretty sedate compared to the 40 without being too quiet. I don't know how it'd sound with two less cylinders though.

Here's the sound chart for an idea on Flowmaster sound levels:

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Well the 50's are definitely livable, the wind noise from the awfully desgined weatherstripping is louder than the mufflers in the cabin!

And thanks, there's a HUGE restoration thread in the Member's Rides discussion forum ("1986 Monte Carlo SS Restoraiton") that has pictures from the beginning and of every step it took to get it to where it is. It is a shame how hard it is to find nice MC's though...
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