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There is no need for gm to design a new dohc v8. They have the small block. Take the ls3 detune it to 400hp even 380hp and do some tweaks to quiet it down. Then put light weight materials in it like the ls7. Titanium connecting rods all of that fun stuff. You then have a small block v8 that is still cheaper than a dohc v8, is just as smooth, and will rev like a son of a bitch. The ls series engines are tuned right now for performance vehicles and or trucks. Both situations people sometimes want to hear that engine revving so thats why gm did it. I guarantee they can make the ls3 as quiet, smooth and definately as powerful as anything out there.

Think about it say a 400hp ls3 thats quiet and smooth and will rev to 7000rpms like the ls7. Why should a company be a standard like everybody else when you can just blow the standard away. Just because everyone does it doesnt mean you need to do it also. We can even put a sticker on the side that says DOHV. Dual Overhead Valve meaning 2 valves per cylinder. People wont know the difference.

If gm wants to go a different route like stated above punch the 3.6L out to 4.0L and give it 400hp.
1 - 1 of 104 Posts
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