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A Proper Comparo: Cadillac CTS vs Jaguar XF

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Winding Road with a proper comparo! It's a good read also. Pretty fair write up between the two. They couldn't even pick one over the other. There are also some nice pictures of two very beautiful cars.
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Re: A Proper Comparo: Jag XF vs Caddy CTS

Yes, they do need a more powerful midlevel. That would be easily resolved if GM could use one one of the excellent small blocks in its repertoire. What if they stuck the LS3 at 430 horsepower in there? Would it get slammed as being unsophisticated? I've never really seen reviewers take points away from the CTS-V for its use of the Corvette engine, but it might hurt in foreign markets.
I don't think it would. Even Jeremy Clarkson loves the Vauxhaul VXR (G8 GT w/LS2). That and what praytell is unsophisticated about the LS3? If you take a look at history overhead valve design is newer than overhead camshaft.
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