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On the V8 vs TT V6 arguement, I must say that a TT V6 would be fine if GM can for sure solve the NVH issues with the DI V6 before they turbo a version of that engine. I really hope part of the CTS MCE is actually a rebalancing of the DI to get rid of it's horrible sounding upper rev problem that many reviewers point out. It seems to be a very smooth and nice engine until pushed into the upper end. I am sure that can be fixed. Also, I am only in favor of the TT V6 if it not only plenty smooth, but also actually achieve better fuel consumption numbers for CAFE than a similar powered OHV V8. I'm not convinced it could do that if you downsized the LS design to like 5L and added DI to get around 400-420hp. I am really ok with either direction though so long as the resulting vehicle matches or exceeds the best competitors on most any criteria you pick.
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