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Re: A Proper Comparo: Jag XF vs Caddy CTS

I agree, its a fair review, but with all these comparisons Cadillac's lack of a true midlevel engine becomes apparent. The DI engine ought to be standard - and I want to see a 375hp engine from Caddy right quick, don't really care how they make the 375 - but in contrast to others, I'd prefer the fuel efficiency of a DI turbo. I also hope to see an Aero X style AWD system soon hooked to that 375hp engine.

Overall, if Cadillac can model all of its products in the theme of the CTS - Caddy is back - but not until. And so far, CTS is the only one.
Boggles my mind why they don't offer a 85 octane DI3.6 and a 91 octane DI3.6. Pretty cheap power bump and I'm the engine would take to the increased octane like a fish to water.
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