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A Proper Comparo: Cadillac CTS vs Jaguar XF

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Winding Road with a proper comparo! It's a good read also. Pretty fair write up between the two. They couldn't even pick one over the other. There are also some nice pictures of two very beautiful cars.
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Re: A Proper Comparo: Jag XF vs Caddy CTS

A real puff piece - comparing a rebadged bathtub Malibore to a real car is a horrible comparison. Like comparing a tramp with a real lady. Cadillac should be embarrassed by their amateur attempt at an interior. A mishmash of shapes and pieces that don't go together. I'd take a Jag anyday and would trade a Cadillac if given to me. Cadillacs are jokes and pretenders. Bland overpriced vehicles with limited luxury and bravado befitting a success (which CTS isn't).
1 - 1 of 104 Posts
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