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Originally posted by tgagneguam@Mar 7 2004, 08:51 AM
"...So some Oscar-night hybrid flaunters were merely driving loaners. Evidently, they had not put their money where their green principles are. It is a good bet that more than one flies by private studio jet, burning hydrocarbons as wastefully as the Daytona 500.

...Drake recalled. "I asked where she lived. She said Beverly Hills. I said, `Out of curiosity: How big is your house?'

"She said: `What does that matter? It's 20,000 square feet.' "

He said he replied: "I don't know what's less correct. Having three people live in a 20,000-square-foot house, with a pool and heaters and air-conditioners. Or me driving my Hummer 500 miles a month."

Not that I'm feeling too ornery this morning, but the above quotes from the article pretty much sum up the hypocrisy of the environmental crowd for me.

And I love to see Sierra Club members featured in articles preaching their "holier-than-thou" viewpoint on the environment and how vehicles like the 2004 Excursion pollute the environment to a sickening degree. But, the SC member then drives away in a mid-80's Toyota Corrolla, with a big cloud of smoke trailing behind, polluting the environment with excess nitrous and carbonous exhausts in a way that no Excursion could possibly achieve - but it gets 30 mpg!

Do I agree we should be driving vehicles that get 11-12 mpg? Nope, but high gas mileage is not the only answer, either. The answer's a little more complex than that.
I agree. Just because a vehicle gets poor gas mileage doesn't mean it's a horrible polluting disaster. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the Hummer produces cleaner emissions than my 1989 Audi (maybe that's a stretch, but it's not far off).

As my sister-in-law once pointed out, you do more damage to the environment when you support Walmart or other large chain stores, because they burn a lot more fuel shipping the stuff to you than you would do driving to a more distant, but locally-supported store in a Hummer. You also burn more fuel heating and cooling a typical Hollywood mansion than you could ever hope to conserve by driving a Prius (or even a pure electric vehicle).

You want me to listen to you about environmental issues? Then prove that you care, that you're willing to sacrifice anything to make the enviroment less poluted - stop breathing. Please?
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