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Yah I to beleave they made a ((MAJOR)) mistake in the killing of the F body. And even thow I dont beleave the GTO/SSR were completely ment to be the replacements for the Firebird/Camaro I do see your point. To (replace?) <_< the less expensive F' RWD PERFORMANCE cars with the more expensive ones (AND HEAVER ONES) at that was (WRONG!!) Dont get me wrong I love the GTO/SSR myself and with more POWER they would have been wonderful more expensive brothers to the F cars I think. The GTO should have been brought to market with at least 400HP or more for the same $$. Same with the HEAVER SSR allso with the F cars reaching 350HP for about 30K in top tune this year. OH well there gone now witch is still a major downer but at least there are there more expensive BROTHERS. ;)
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