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Originally posted by banzai79@Jun 1 2004, 05:15 AM
Yes, it just seems crazy to have dropped this line. Even if they did want to close St. Therese, they were still making around 40-60k F-bodies a year, had an established nameplate and a running program. I don't think they can possibly make as much money on the SSR and GTO as they did on the F-bodies.
Think so? I dont think that the goal of the SSR or GTO was to replace any of the fbody, but that seems to be what people think.
Forget about the GTO and SSR. They are not here to fill in for the Firebird or Camaro ok?
The reason they killed the fbody has been gone over time and time again. They did it, get over it, I have and Im probably the biggest Fbody fan on this site.
The Camaro will be back, and there will be plenty of performance to do away with the Mustang. Its all up to us GM enthusiasts show GM how much we love the fbodies. Thats what the Stang fans did. Problem is that fbody fans arent as enthusiastsic about there cars as much as the Stang owners are.
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