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Lol, this thread gives Rogue a good excuse to post pics of his car... :cool:
:lmao: I try to whenever I can. I take great pride in pictures of my car being clean (during a drought no less). Besides, I am a picture whore.

Well if you want to look at admittedly stupid now mandatory complexities in window design, specifically power windows:

There must be a "bounce back" feature if you stick your arm/neck in the window then try to close it like an idiot

As well the buttons must not be rocker switches, but instead must be a "push down, pull up" design.
Funny story, I park in a tight garage occasionally and shortly after getting this car (my last car was a 96 Taurus with traditional rocker switches) I needed to get something from the other side of the car that wasn't accessible so I tried reaching through the window and needed it open a little more (I don't know why I didn't just open it all the way) but I pressed the switch the wrong way and close the window pretty tight on my hand...I would like to know the whereabouts of that "bounce back" feature on my car. :lmao:
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