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Dear General Motors,

Please give Pontiac the same attention and money you put into Saturn. I appreciate that the Solstice, GTO, and G8 have been released for the brand this decade. In show of my appreciation, I bought a new GTO. I would buy a Solstice and G8 as well to show my support if I were rich, but I only have a limited budget.

If Pontiac gets the same uplift that Saturn was given (or if you do decide to get rid of Saturn as a brand to save on future costs), I can gaurantee that I will be a continuing customer. I will also push for my family to purchase GM products when replacing their cars they've had for eight and five years. They may not be Pontiacs, but I'm sure I can steer them toward Chevrolet and Buick as opposed to Honda and Acura.

There is a Pontiac faithful, and it's far stronger than the Saturn faithful. Please give us good performance flavored cars (whether they be RWD or Mazda-like FWD as some have suggested), and we will support our brand.

Thank you for your time,

Kuya Millefune
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