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A.J. Dives into Interior Design

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Yes, interior design. You've seen a lot of my designs (Pontiac Phoenix, Saturn VISTA, Chevrolet Lumina, etc.), but those were all side-profiles, and you can barely make out layouts of those cars' interiors.

However, all is not lost! So, now I present my first interior/instrument panel drawing...

Saturn VISTA

Some features include:
  • Special Guage Cluster that is completely invisible when car is turned off
  • Standard LCD display with available Backup Camera
  • Standard Dual-zone climate control
  • Available Push-button Start
  • Available Heated/Cooled Seats
  • Available Rear seat audio/climate controls
  • Available Power rear sunshade
Comments? :D It needs some revising, I know...
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I love it, but I think the LCD screen should be bigger. Plus the PRNDL indicator seems out of place, it should be in the instrument cluster.
I tried to size it in line with the Invicta's LCD screen.
Oh I see, but most newer cars seem to be getting bigger navigation screens. Maybe its just from the drawing that it seems smaller.

I placed the PRNDL indicator directly under the driver information screen. This has been commonplace in recent GM cars, such as the G-Bodies, so I included it here.
Yea but thats an old body, I don't even think GM makes them anymore. Most cars have the gear indicator in the instrument cluster. Its probably not a big deal as long as it doesn't obstruct the view of the instrument cluster from the driver seat.

Still all and all its a very well done drawing.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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