This one's for all you Dare Greatly disbelievers...

Turns out if you really want to drive something unique in Europe don't buy a Lamborghini, buy a Cadillac.

See, the supercar brand from Sant'Agata has experienced a growth spurt in the last year, moving 3,457 cars globally, which is not just a 7-percent increase year-over-year, but also the company's third straight record setting sales year. The US continues to be Lamborghini's biggest market, responsible for 36-percent of Lamborghini's record year--Americans took home 1,250 Italian supercars in 2016-- which as CTV News points out, is double, well almost double, the number of Cadillacs sold in Europe.

But things get better for Cadillac, according to European sales figures, during 2016 Lamborghini also outsold Cadillac in the Old World; selling 941 cars across the continent to Cadillac's 761 during the same period.

For Cadillac this should be taken as a symbol of the brand's pedigree and an honest-to-goodness harbinger of the "brand's return to the pinnacle of premium." If Europeans think seeing a Huracan is something special, wait until they catch sight of an ATS.