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97 Firebird Formula LT1 Optispark Distrib

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:angry: I have replaced 3 distributors on my car in the last year. Every time the distributor goes out, the mechanic tells me that it is full of corrosion. The water pump has been checked, and as cheap as they are, I replaced it anyway. The distributor seems to last about 2 months, and then whamo! Stuck again. AAA is about ready to cancel my towage<G>. Does anybody have anything to say about this. What got me wondering is that the original one lasted 140K miles, we have put a GM distributor back on the car every time. I have got them to eat the distributor the last few times, but I have to pay the mechanic. I work on computers, not cars. Thanks in advance for any help. If you have seen a red formula on the side of the road, it's probably me, be sure to honk! <G>

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Your story sounds painfully familiar to my experience with my Impala SS. Turned out there was a piece of grit plugging the orifice in the restrictor that is part of the ventilation system. There are two. Take them both out and look through them. Blow them out or replace them. That worthless design of an ignition system needs good ventilation to rid itself of the deadly ozone that builds up and attacks the sub-standard materials they used to build it. Can you tell I hate the OptiSpark system?
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