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96 Cavalier Hard Start/stall When Hot

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Hi all I have a 1996 Cavalier with a 2.4l engine and 4 spd auto trans. The problem is when the temp goes over the normal operating mark towards 100-110 degress celsius (canadian car) the car misfires, hesitates and sometimes will stall out. If it does stall out it will not restart until it cools down. This also happens after a heat soak. I've replaced the crank sensor, coils, and ignition module, and spark plugs. I had the system scanned and there are no codes in the computer. I've also had the throttle body adn fuel system cleaned as well. If the temp never goes above the normal mark car drive fine, but with summer coming this is gonna be a problem. If anyone can provide any help or insight I would greatly appreciate it.

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have you checked the coolant? also look at the waterpump and see how that looks. the car should run around 190 US. if its geting to hot theres something up with the coolant. for the hard start im not to sure what could be doing that unless the battery is not get charged or the starter is on its way out
is the fan kicking on? check and see if it turns on. if not look to the right off the motor bay and you will see all the fuses/ look and see if the switch is bad for the fan. its i a big gray block looking thing.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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