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Did I read that right? The laid off workers are being paid almost all of their salaries for the first 42 weeks, then all of it? At $26 an hour? Wow! No wonder GM has such a hard time with finances... they end up paying their workers when they aren't even working! Can you imagine how much cheaper the MSRP would be and how much more advanced the quality would be if there weren't this gigantic concrete albatross around the company's neck? I mean, I understand wanting to take care of your workers, but when the benefits push the company closer to not being able to offer anything at all due to dire financial straits, then I would hope the UAW would make some concessions to assure the company will be able to remain competitive.
Yea, this is a big shocker. I'm in the wrong business. I don't know of any company
that takes care of there workers like autoworkers. I really can't feel that sorry for
them that there being laid-off.
As far as the Saturn L-Series goes, this was a failure from the get-go. It's ugly,
and is a dumbed down version of an Opel. GM might have had better luck leaving
it unchanged and bringing it over as an Opel, and not disguise it as some ugly duckling Saturn.
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