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as you guys know, i finished my car a few months ago. i took it to the strip a couple weeks ago, ran it several times, didnt have any problems on the first pass but i wasnt running it out right, and then after i ran into problems, car was bouncing off the rev limiter at the 1000 ft mark so i changed it and ran it again. then it started stalling after the burnout, and then after i shifted into 3rd gear it wanted to fall on its face. started in second gear on all passes.
all the trouble and ran a 12.79 at 105 mph.

changed the plugs and adjusted the carb, fuel pressure at 8 psi now. timing at 36 degrees. changed the plugs on it- they were fouled out, that sucked. you have to take the left side header off it to get them out and in. not a fun task.

anyways went out the other night to run it, after i changed everything.
first pass 12.12 at 114 mph, second pass 11.99 at 115 mph, last pass - it was a long night, had alot of cars, and it was about 10:30 at night - removed the exhaust cutouts - ran a 11.76 at 117 mph. so after i fixed a few things it picked up a whole second in one session. im pretty happy with it. with a full tank of gas, and mixed 93 with torco. i think it has alot more potential, and when i get it tuned perfectly i think it will be in the low to mid 11's. hopefully.

thing is last time i ran it, it had a 1.55 60 ft time and started in 2nd gear.
this time it ran a 1.71 60 ft starting in 1st gear. flashed the converter on some passes and on others launched at about 2500-3000. car stalls at 3000-3100.

not quite understanding why it runs a lower 60 ft in 2nd gear.

only problem i need to fix now is when i put the car in park and shut it off, it wants to run on. kind of like a diesel. so i have to put it in gear and shut it off, i think the alternator is back-feeding the electrical system, and feeding the ignition box.

also my fuel pump has acted up 1 time, brand new pump, holley blue on it, happened at the parking lot at work, just died on me, looked at the gauge had 0 psi at the regulator, toggled it on and off, no noise or pressure, felt it, it was hot, waited about 10 minutes and it came back on. so im going to get a new pump sometime, i dont want to get stranded with it.

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Nice, very jelous right here. What all have you done to it? Pretty major upgrades I suppose if you running sub 12.

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350 bored .040 over
4 bolt block, decked, line honed
scat crank and rods
JE SRP pistons
balanced rotating assembly
comp cam .570 lift hydraulic roller
AFR aluminum eliminator series 195 cc heads
ARP head studs
ARP bolts and studs used in entire engine from pan to carb.
crane roller rockers 1.5 ratio
edlebrock victor JR intake
quickfuel q750 carb 4 barrel double pumper
MSD 6al box with pro billet distributor and blaster 2 coil, with 8.5 mm wires
hooker super comp ceramic coated headers - 1 7/8" primaries, 3" collectors
TCI flex plate
CSR billet water pump - electric
warlock mufflers with exhaust cutouts 3" pipe and inlet/outlet ports
coan 3500 stall converter
turbo 350 trans
moser engineering 9" with 33 spline axles
random technologies adjustable torque arm
hotchkis rear sway bar
hotchkis rear adjustable panhard bar
hotchkis rear trailing arms
koni rear shocks
koni adjustable front struts
welded subframe connectors - tube style

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yeah, cant wait for spring. i put it up for the winter the other day, changed the oil on it and put some stabil in the fuel. put it on jack stands.

i have a few things to do to it through the winter, nothing major. headliner is starting to fall down a bit, so im going to replace it. also i would like to clean up some of the stuff in the rear of the car, sand blast it and powder coat. and i would really like to put on some electric exhaust cutouts, so i dont have to manually change them over.

i have to replace a brake line that i severed when i put the car in the air. was in the center of the front cross member, broke the fitting off a braided hose. wasnt too thrilled about it, just missed where i put the jack. my fault. its hard to see under that car, it is really close to the ground in the front, and you can barely get a jack under it to get it in the air.

other than that, the car runs great. everything is holding together good, and i cant wait to drive it again in the spring and hit some car shows.
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