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83 camaro progress, updated 5-10-08

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well, im probably going to fire it up soon, just some electrical stuff and suspension work, and its done

wires in engine bay are not complete yet, need to finish routing them and i need to put them in loom, had to make battery cables and completely wire the car for accesories
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I hear you on the fuel injection, after quite a few more miles on the SS (I'm at about 1800 miles right now) I'd like to put in a more modern V8 powerplant and transmission (something computer controlled and with six gears so I can do paddle shifters) to try and get some more MPG's out of it.
thats what i was kind of thinking, on my next build, they now make a paddle shift assembly and steering wheel that houses it and tells you what gear your in, for the
aftermarket wheel makers, i was thinking a pro touring car on the next one i build.

nothing too extreme, kind of a modern day trans am series car. but with an old school body
That'd be pretty cool with your Camaro body. It seems that most people who do pro-touring cars do an awesome job with the cars until they get to the wheels and then they get like 18" black rims that don't go with the car at all.
May want to consider a set of MSD spark plug boot protectors or your gonna be wondering why your car is misfiring when you drive one day soon.
Doubt it, we've been running all of our classics with similar ignition plugs (not protected) and we have yet to have a problem.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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