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83 camaro progress, updated 5-10-08

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well, im probably going to fire it up soon, just some electrical stuff and suspension work, and its done

wires in engine bay are not complete yet, need to finish routing them and i need to put them in loom, had to make battery cables and completely wire the car for accesories
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i had originally planned for an LS1 in it, like from a wrecked camaro or vette, but i wasnt sure of all the computer control systems that would be involved, and also trans selection, i already had a TH350, so if i had to run a 4L60 in it then it would change mounting locations and angles, as far as i know anyways, and then i figured i would get a kit from GM that included all the wiring harnesses and PCM and all that with an LS1, but GM discontinued it. so that through that out the window.

I actually was 90% set on getting a ram jet 350 crate engine, but it didnt have enough power,
then i figured ok, i want this amount of HP, i figured it would be easier to have one built just a normal carb engine, because even with an LS engine i would be modifying it anyways to get more power out of it.

but after i had it built, i come across a kit from GM that had come out, it came with everything you needed, and it worked with any LS engine. get a crate LS3 or LS2 and bolt and go. now im kind of wishing i would have gone that route.

when i build another car, it will be fuel injected. and will be an LS engine.

LS7 are too expensive and you can modify an other LS engine to destroy an LS7 for a fraction of the cost. i love the LS7 but its too expensive.
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thats what i was kind of thinking, on my next build, they now make a paddle shift assembly and steering wheel that houses it and tells you what gear your in, for the
aftermarket wheel makers, i was thinking a pro touring car on the next one i build.

nothing too extreme, kind of a modern day trans am series car. but with an old school body
electrical system is operational, hooked it up today, just need to wire in my fuel pump,
and ignition.

starter and all electrical systems work.

need to wire in my thermostat for my electric fan, and wire in my idiot lights.

then i'll fire it up.
i havent run into any problems either. as long as you keep plug wires away from headers, you shouldnt have a problem. just need to spend a few extra dollars for wire hold downs, and take time to route it.
finally fired it up today, had a few issues, first being that i had a fuel leak, fixed it, regulator was leaking. put coolant in it, cycled the water pump, found that the block was not plugged at the base of the pump. so i had to remove my alternator and water pump to put a plug in the block. finished the electrical system, just need to loom a few things and install my switch panel in my dash bezel, primed the oil system and drop timed the distributor, fired it up, checked out a few things, idles nicely. very nice sound to it.

just need to install the suspension in the front end, and tune the engine. set timing and carb settings, be all good.
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