There have been bushels of sound and fury surrounding the mid-engine Corvette, I mean where to start: It will be too expensive, it ruins what the Corvette is, it will be too expensive, what about the old guys, it will be too expensive, and on and on.

But the mid-engine program provides several exciting prospects for GM. Here are 8 reasons why the mid-engine C8 Corvette is a good thing:

1. More Curvature in the Curves


With the C8's engine behind your head Chevy can capitalize on the more neutral handling characteristics offered by mid-ships, just like Zora wanted. The Current Z06 is the epitome of Corvette performance, but even it struggles somewhat to put its gobs of power down coming off corners.

2. Speaking of the Engine


It's believed the car will use a proper pushrod small-block V8 in order to keep costs down. This could be related to the oft-rumored LT5 V8, or it could even be the current 6.2 LT1.

3. Lets Go Racing Boys


Moving the engine downstream would help Corvette Racing even the playing field against the new Ferrari 488 GTE and Ford GT LM. Both those cars, especially the Ford, were designed around the new rule book--Team Corvette now has the same opportunity.

4. A Plethora of Performance Possibilities

1976 Chevrolet Aerovette

Along with its race chops, the mid-ship will have inherently more flexibility than the current C7 chassis. With the engine now clear of the front end it opens up space for potential AWD or hybrid variants. We already know GM has trademarks on E-Ray and Manta Ray...

5. Price and Prestige

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It's unlikely the base C8 will rival the $400,000 and change Ford GT, but we could see special variants creep up that high. If so, it would be the most money anyone has ever spent on a brand new Chevrolet bringing much prestige as the dudes over in Dearborn discovered. And that's without even mentioning the media feeding frenzy.

6. Hot Youth Injection


It's no secret the prototypical Corvette owner is a slightly older fella, something GM is looking to change. Chevy has been growing increasingly concerned about the Corvette's aging demographics.

"The median age of the Corvette buyer got three years older while I was there, which scared the hell out of us," Tom Wallace, former Corvette's chief engineer from 2006 until 2008, told the Detroit News.

Maybe they'll be able to get some of those YouTube kids buying Lambos to start buying Corvettes.

7. Bad Ass Cadillac

Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac's South African savior, has said on the record a Cadillac supercar is certainly under consideration, telling Motor Trend, "you look at what's available in terms of corporate assets. And I'm sure you'd agree that a new, very advanced Corvette platform wouldn't be a bad place to start."

8. It's Code Named "Emperor"


I mean, that one's self explanatory right? If the guys down at the Tech Center have decided the C8 will rule the roost, then it probably will.