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Watsup fellas.
Hows it going my name is Antonio and i have a couple dilemmas
I love my chevys
quick overview

i got a 71 nova with an original 250 in it. It started knocking a while back so i have it sitting there for the meantime. Debating on taking it apart and fixing it but, It literally hurts me to look at it as i looooove the car to begin with but anyway . . Figured changing engines might be best. Being that my 305 and 350 are both rebuilt. The transmission in there now is a 2 speed or 3 speed i wana say 2 but im at work.

i got a 95 caprice i put my heart into it its a interceptor edition i did everything to that car and got in a accident where it was totaled. Fortunately for me the car still starts but i was hit into a pole so my car is totaled but my engine and trans are in tact (thankfully) LT1 with 460LE the tranny came remanufactured out of the box.

so then i had to buy a quick a to b. I bought a 86 caprice for the meantime it has a 305 with a 700r that engine has a carb.
Engine rebuilt and tranny rebuilt as well.

I just cleared up my debt from the accident and now am in the process of saving for engine swap.
I figured the 305 would be easier being that its carbureted already and lt1 is fuel injected. And of course the LT1 i have has a lot of electrical components which is why i was thinking the 305 would b easier.

Being that i would be swapping the 250 for a 305 or 350 i figured i would need to do frame work and get new mounts.
to be honest i really dont know where to start. In a perfect world i would love to put that LT1 in the nova but the only thing holding me back is the electrical part of it. . Which is why i was leaning towards 305

Basically looking for suggestions and a little bit of help. We all love our chevys and i would love to get my nova on the road. I still have the totaled bubble (95) so i literally look at both of em and start getting depressed. haha not funny but ya know. . I am going to start taking the bubble apart this weekend as i have literally not even wanted to take the cover off for a year. I hate looking at the dent the pole left.
But yeah as you can see i have everything i need car wise, now that i can actually save money now my babys time is coming. . . .
Thanks for everything

I would go with the 305 and a 350 turbo.I run a lot of chevys and used the 305 s a lot. You will have to change carb and Dist as the nova is not set for the electronic engine controls of the Caprice. As for the swap iys self every thing should fall right in place. A few minor adjustments will need to be done. nothing major or expensive
I would as well while the engine is out change the timing chain and all oil sealing gaskets as well. Oh as for using a 350 turbo over the 700R4 You will notice the 700R4 is a much longer trans and uses a larger yoke as well The motor mount to frame will probably need changed as well. I do not remember when they went from the 3/8 stud to the 7/16 horizontal mount bolt. Enjoy the build on your Nova
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