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I have a 71 nova and a 95 caprice that was totaled but still runs.
So what im thinking of doing is putting the 460LE and LT1 in my Nova.
I was thinking of putting the 350 with the stock powerglide that came with my Nova for the meantime. It originaly had a 250 with that powerglide (2 Speed). My goal is to eventually put that 460LE in but i figured if the powerglide went with the 350 i might as well for the meantime which would give me more time to save money and do minor touches on the car as well.
I heard that i would need a different tailshaft for the 460le i was told that one from a 80 to 82 caprice would work. If anyone has additional info on what i would need to be to start the conversion.
first getting the 350 with the powerglide
then putting in the 460 with that 350 down the line.
i know that there is other transmissions that would not need a mod and would fit perfectly but being this is what i have im looking for options.
i like that 460le too i think its a pretty good trans.

Any recomendations, tips, advise, additional info that would be helpful, anything really would help im in brainstorm mode. This is not concrete but its definately what im leaning too.

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A tail stock from a 700R4 will only work if your 4L60E is the older 4 bolt tail stock, also if your converting to a speedometer gear on the output shaft make sure there is a hole in the output shaft for the clip before you put it in the car.
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