As of August 1st 2016 Chevrolet shows 27,400 6th Gen Camaros inventoried, or 129 days worth.

Camaro's 27,400 cars on hand isn't far off the Mustang's 26,600, except the Mustang has been outselling the Camaro nearly 2:1 during 2016, leaving Ford with only 72 days worth of inventory.

Chevy's inventory problem is exacerbated when you realize there are only about 130 selling days remaining in 2016--excluding Sundays and Holidays.

At this rate 2016s are already competing with 2017s for lot space, and we may even see model year 2016s living on well into model year 2018 if significant incentives don't materialize, and fast.

Hat tips to jpd80, posaune and Ed753