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I was just thinking about some of the upcoming and possible future engines in the pipeline, which would be applicable to a 6th gen Camaro.

If we assume that a 6th gen is even coming, we can also assume that this car will be smaller and lighter than the 5th gen. Let's call it 180-185" in overall length and 3200 -3500 lbs, depending on equipment. This lower mass opens up all sorts of opportunities for some interesting, fun to drive, and economical combos.

Here are some engines off the top of my head:

- GDI 2.3L I4, 210-230 hp.
- GDI 2.0L turbo I4, 260-300 hp.
- GDI 3.0L V6, 255-285 hp.
- GDI 2.8L turbo V6, 350 hp.
- GDI 3.0/3.6L turbo V6, 400-430 hp. (cancelled)
- GDI 3.6L V6, 300-330 hp.
- GDI Gen V smallblock V8 5.0-5.7L 400-450 hp.

A new, smaller, lighter Camaro could be motivated very effectively with a 2.3L Ecotec. Fun to drive and 35 mpg.

The prime mover could be the upcoming 3.0L V6. Enough power and torque to move an option laden Camaro with authority, and still get well over 30 mpg.

An entry level performance version could use a 2.0L turbo/2.8L V6 turbo/ NA 3.6. I'm not sure which one of these to go with.

And finally the performance Z/28 version. I'm still holding out for a smallblock. A 5.xL, direct injected, Gen V smallblock with the power of an LS3, in a tidy 3400 pound package, gives me goosebumps. It would probably get around 30 mpg too.

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