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Originally posted by chadbarb99@May 27 2004, 05:32 PM
Well, at least there is a 600+ HP Corvette as well, REMEMBER GM's RULE CANNOT HAVE ANY CAR MORE POWERFUL THAN THE CORVETTE!!! Just build them both GM. The Cadillac will go head to head againdst the next BMW M5 and the super Vette will take down Viper's and GT'sand hell maybe a few Lambo Murciagolago (can't spell).
although that would be cool if that was a "rule" in GM but with the extream amount of attention cadillac has been getting the past few years i cant see chevy and the corvette keeping up on the horsepower numbers.

cadillac may beable to take away the highest GM hp away from the vette, but Cadillac will never have the "true american sports car"
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