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Originally posted by keyjack5024@May 28 2004, 11:03 AM
I dunno guys!!! This Super V may just be an engine test for another car using the CTS body work as camouflage. The engine must be the "new" 7.0 V8 that is to debut in the Corvette. My guess is that 600 hp would be too much GM and the CTS. But I'm holding out for an 06' 600 hp, 427 cu in. Corvette Stingray.
Well.... that is an interesting point, ya know?
That engine... whatever it may be... may appear in an u pdated C6 or "C7."

Then again... 600HP could be a detuned version of an engine to be plopped into the Cien.


600HP is definitely supercar territory.
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