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Re: The Next Holden Commodore: The Countdown Begins!

Actually these model Veloxes had a few neat tricks. First the bonnet opened to the side as in the pic below. But you could also close it and open it again from the other side. And two of you can open it from both sides at once and lift the bonnet off completely. Great for a show and shine...:D

Also the windows in my Ute have no window winders. They are counter balanced and have a square tab glued to the inside top of the window which you just grab and slide it down open. But if you try to slide the window down from the outside it won't. I think they have something like felt on the outside and rubber on the inside of the slide track so pushing from inside doesn't jam but pushing from the outside against the rubber does.

They are so much faster to open and close than a winding window.

I was wondering what that is next to it? it looks like some out of proportion Mini
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