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5th Generation Camaro

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:bounce: Personally, I think Kris Horton's design of the 5th Gen Camaro is excellent. I hope GM uses it... :bounce:
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I hope it looks new and modern, and nothing retro styled about it. Course I just hope the bring it back period sooo... <_<

And I want it to look good :p
There are 2 senarios that GM can use with a 5th Gen Camaro...

Senario 1: An all new car. Not on the F-Body Chassis, styling never before seen in a Camaro.

Senario 2: Retro, like the 2005 Mustang. Built off of the F-body. Using style from the past Camaros.

I would like to see Senario 1 :lol:
There's a 3rd scenario:

New platform (F-body is dead forever), with a modern shape, but with styling cues (not a full retro design) from past versions. More upright (Mustang style than laid back 4th gen style).
A couple of scenarios:

1) New platform (zeta) new styling with subtle clues of past generations. No Pointy frontend like the last gen. Not quite as low slung. NO hatchback! NO hatchback! NO hatchback! Give the car a trunk, make it easy to get in and out of. Cost needs to be keeped to a minimum. Did I mention NO Hatchback yet.

2) Full retro back to the first gen (2007-2010) Redesign in 2010, (insert scenario one here). Retro doesn't sell for very long so redesign soon before sales lag. I think the retro themed first couple of years will help gain market share back quicker.

3) let it RIP. Too many people remember what a camaro became in the 4th gen. B)
Just get it out there, but do it right and make it affordable. Have to agree with the previous comment. NO HATCHBACK, please.
well it sounds like the colorado is pretty hot... maybe a camaro version? i can see it now... the 2005 chevrolet colorado camaro edition. the CCC, or C3. lowered, some nice buckets, console shift, massive rubber, I5 turbo, T-roof... anyone agree?

didn't think so. you guys just aren't open-minded enough ;)
Really I don't think anyone person can predict what a 5th gen will be like.. Lutz will make it how HE wants it... :lol:
Originally posted by nsap@Mar 24 2004, 09:48 PM
Really I don't think anyone person can predict what a 5th gen will be like..  Lutz will make it how HE wants it... :lol:
Agreed! Lutz the Putz will have the last say. If there is a Camarao.....


But, I vote for Kris Holton.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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