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The bit about black cars is more superficial BS, just like the new nomenclature. It will have zero impact on perception or sales.

I wish there was more Q&A about Cadillac's retail/service experience. The product is on a good path. The part that trails BADLY behind Lexus is the consumer front end. Even as the Germans have slowly out-engineered Lexus, Toyota's luxury brand has avoided collapse by treating its customers like Egyptian Pharaohs.

I just saw the new Cadillac commercial for the CTS. Almost the same as the new ATS commercial and once again the car is shown in red. Showing the cars in red certainly makes them seem more contemporary,fun and emotional, as opposed to stuffy and old.

I like the song in this commercial but when they launch the CT6, if it is as striking as it is rumored to be, I'd like it to be in Black for the initial commercials with accompaniment of Quiet Riot's "Slick Black Cadillac".

Right from the get go, establish the CT6 as a car with chutzpa and attitude (the bad boy. Think Kirk versus Spock) amongst the ocean of the buttoned up, unflappable perfection of German luxury sedans.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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