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4.3 S10 Turbo

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Has anyone ever done that before? I mean a pretty simple turbo kit, pushing around 250-300hp, enough to move pretty quick, but not to much to tear the truck to shreads.

I've come into some money and was thinking about doing this.

I know some of you will say just put in a 350, but I've heard some horror stories about that at the dealership where I work, real pain in the groin as I've been told.

Would it be just as easy to buy a turbo and do it myself? I'm fairly mechanically inclinded, all I don't know a whole lot about is what injectors to use and how to reprogram the computer.

Thanks for all the help in advance!
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Has anyone ever done that before?
Yes, it's been done... ;) Here's the high points:

Relocate battery
Walbro fuel pump
Marine intake manifold
SyTy exhaust manifolds
SyTy turbocharger
Custom downpipe
HPTuners PCM tune

Sorry to revive an old thread, I came across it on Google.
Thought I might interject the highlights for folks interested.
Fueling is the main issue with the 4.3L. There are no aftermarket injectors you can upgrade to.
The marine intake swap isn't too bad.
I run some overkill MotoTrons on mine.
If no other injectors fit couldn't you just drill the holes bigger or sleeve them down?
I don't think so, have you ever seen a 4.3 injector setup?
Can't say I have, the one I always screwed with was a TBI... what is special about it?
The swap to the marine MPFI intake isn't very hard, and you get the ability to run any standard injector you want.

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