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300 vs GM cars videos

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I didn't know if this should go here or the competition forum, but here it is...

Chrysler has several videos showing the all-weather benefits of its 300 and Magnum over FWD rivals and even the CTS! This first video shows the CTS and LeSabre not being able to handle what the 300 can. (Shows the LX's spinning/skidding in the snow too w/o ESP on, I'm assuming)


Here are some snow videos, they show the Impala and Grand Prix:



One of them, or possibly both, show the CTS driving behind the 300 and then suddenly spinning out. Does the CTS have Stabilitrak standard? Maybe they switched it off. Just like they switched off the 300's in the first clip.

*note, for slower connections, simply put "56" instead of "300" at the end of the urls.
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I'm sold. GM bring on Zeta!

The CTS only comes with Stabilitrack standard on the Luxury Sport Package. That CTS obviously didnt have it or it would've spanked the LX's. And what they failed to mention is that the Electronic Stability Program is only an option on the base model, so not every 300 and Magnum will have it.
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