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The rear-wheel drive Blazer EV RS model is claimed to have the longest EV driving range, estimated at about "515km" best range beating FWD/AWD Blazer/Equinox the other 4 offerings range.

The cheapest Blazer front-wheel drive will have about 400km of piss poor range while the high-performance dual-motor all SS will have about 477km of range, AWD will cost a fortune make few sales on Scottish mountain top where 0.000000001% of the UK live, pretty pointless in London that gets hit by a snowflake once ever few years where 1/6th of UK population live, better range is most important.

No more drive-trainisms with the Blazer EV, rear wheel drive offers the best range no longer excluded will sell like hotcakes.

Equinox only offers two drive trains, and is a bit more cramped if you enjoy driving putting your family in more of a sardine tin and saving a few bucks, EV range LOL.
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