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2020 Chevrolet Equinox LT AWD
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Will there be something other than black for an interior color? Central Texas is hot as blazes in the summer so black interior is "no thank you" plus gravel roads are crushed limestone which means lots of light colored dust easily showing up on black interior. Please offer a light or medium shade of grey.
I've got grey in mine with black accents.
Same, my work truck has the gray interior.
I have never seen any around here that aren't all black. And just like most automaker websites, Chevy's make it hard to determine all of the choices that are available.
....Upon further playing around at I'm noticing that only the WT has black/dark ash but every other trim is only black available. I had thought that maybe it was a natural default thing that was done when the dealer ordered them but that I guess turns out to be wrong after I checked on the website :(. I'm with ya on that too, something lighter would be nice. :)
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