A leaked email from Chevrolet informs dealers that it has closed order books for the 2020 Corvette. In the email, GM cites high customer demand as the reason for the closing order books.

Picked up by Corvette Forum, the email also says that some orders may not be fulfilled. Asked by Motor Trend if the upcoming, coronavirus-related work stoppage affected production, GM said no.

Fortunately, order books for the 2021 Corvette will open, but only in late May. Worse yet, Motor Trend, citing an unnamed source, reports that the $59,995 starting price may only have been for the first year.

Regardless of whether or not it technically exists, though, few people have been able to buy a Corvette for less than 60 grand, as Cars Direct reported earlier this week that the base price cars were "virtually non-existent" on showroom floors.