Chevrolet will reportedly resume production of the C8 Corvette today and that the cars produced will be MY2020. Production of MY2021 Corvettes will reportedly start on November 2.

The question of whether or not Chevrolet would bother to make any more 2020 Corvettes was raised following the coronavirus pandemic. With supplier issues and a strike late last year slowing production, rumors suggested that the company might just halt 2020 production and start fresh with the ever-so-slightly changed 2021 car.

According to posts on Corvette Blogger, though, Bowling Green will have five months to produce as many 2020 models as possible before switching over. That number will likely be lower than the anticipated total but will be greater than the 2,700 cars Chevy managed to get out the door before plant shutdowns affected production around the world.

Production will be helped along by the fact that the chassis plant building frames for the C8 was still operating through much of the pandemic. Supply chains, though, have been hit hard by the pandemic and have caused GM to reopen some plants more slowly than it had initially hoped.