Chevrolet was in Virginia again with the ZR1, and while they were there they decided to take another lap of Virginia International Raceway. And don't you know, they set another record.

You may remember a similar headline from a couple of months ago. That's because the ZR1 did set a lap record at VIR back then, but that was on the much longer Grand West Course and the lap came as a result of Car and Driver accidentally setting a record there in the Ford GT. So Chevy decided to stick it to Ford.

This time they've gone round the "Full Course" and done it in just 1:51.25 with driver Alex McDonald at the wheel. By comparison, reports that a Dodge Viper ACR driven by Ralph Gilles completed the same lap in a time of 1:57.03.

It's interesting to note that both ZR1 records appear to have been done at roughly the same time of year (based on the foliage), but that the earlier record was completed without camouflage, whereas this ZR1 did have camo. If we had to guess (and this is very much that), we'd guess that Chevy set this record first but felt compelled to beat the Ford's record.

We're still waiting to hear (officially) how the ZR1 does at that other large, power track: the Nordshcliefe. But until then, it's good to see the Vette setting at home.