New spy pictures of the 2019 GMC Sierra have surfaced and these ones even get inside. The pictures provide a closer look at the truck and just what will differentiate it from the Silverado.

Although the new Silverado is going for comfort and sedan-like materials, these shots make the Sierra look more like a work truck.

Even though most of the cabin is covered in camouflage, these photos show a less complicated infotainment setup, a space in the middle (rather than the bin in the Silverado) that could potentially accommodate a third person's legs, and an unfussy black on silver motif (rather than the leather and wood lined interiors we've seen so far on the Silverado).

Of course, this is just one truck, but a more rugged interior would jive with what looks like the Sierra's more simplified, squared off front end. Whereas the new Silverado's front end is slightly rounded, the new Sierra's front end, albeit camouflaged, features taller headlights and there's no sign of the Silverado's downward sweeping character line on the front quarter.

All that said, the differences will be skin deep. The Sierra, like the Silverado, will see the same range of upgrades to technology and refinement. The Sierra is also expected to shed considerable weight.

A pair of V8s (a 5.3 and a 6.2-liter) a new 3.0-liter turbodiesel and a ten-speed are all expected for the new Sierra, as well.