Thanks to a deep dive into the 2019 fleet order guide, we can tell you a bit more about the option combinations available in the upcoming 2019 Chevy Blazer.

Most gearheads know the Blazer is returning for 2019 and while it isn't a body-on-frame off-road bruiser like most of us hoped, it does have a heavy dose of Camaro in its aggro front end. GM tipped the internet to the Blazer's base price - $29,995 plus freight - earlier this year. Now we get a peek behind the curtain as to what that sum will net its buyers.

Base trims will be called the L, with next-level LT trims all grouped under the simple 'Blazer' banner. The range is topped by RS and Premier models. The L sets an opening bid with its 2.5L inline-four making 193 horsepower and 188lb-ft of torque. It'll be lashed to a nine-speed automatic.

Standard interior gear will include an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment screen in the center stack, paired with the expected backup cameras and Bluetooth connectivity. Air conditioning is, of course, included on all Blazers as are a bunch of USB ports and SiriusXM radio. I mention this since an increasing number of car companies delete these niceties from their base models.

The L will be shod with 235/65R18 passenger tires on aluminium wheels. Those who move up to the RS or Premier will find rubber two inches greater in diameter but no wider. Those same hoops are optional on mid-grade Blazers. Wide P265/45R21 rubber is available on top trims. Heads up, folks: there's no spare tire in the trunk of the base model.

There's few specifics about the all-wheel drive system, only that an AWD platform is available on all V6 Blazers. An 'advanced' all-wheel drive system described as having a twin-clutch on the RS and Premier models. Trailering equipment is standard on those snazzy trims, gear which includes a heavy-duty cooling system. Those items are optional on mid-level Blazers.

Speaking of the V6, that unit will be a 305 horsepower mill with 269lb-ft of twist. It, too, will be connected to a nine-speed automatic. No optional off-road specific gear is mentioned for any trim. Thoughts of a Blazer ZR2 will have to remain just a dream for now.

Colors? Do they matter? You bet they do. Base models will only be available in three shades of grey, sadly. Stepping up to an (LT) Blazer or greater will allow the choice of tasty hues like Red Hot and Sunlit Bronze. Black or grey cloth is standard on entry-level machines, black or grey leather on mid-level Blazers, black leather on RS, and black leather tinted with 'maple sugar' on top tier Premiers. Your author's choice would be a Kinetic Blue RS.

More details about the 2019 Blazer will likely be forthcoming from The General later this autumn. Stay tuned.

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