Surprise birthday gifts are always great. At Chevy's 100th birthday bash held at the Texas Motor Speedway, the company surprised everyone by using a Sikorsky helicopter to unveil the new 2019 Silverado.

Naturally, details were scanty in terms of powerterains and trims, but it's easy to see that Chevy is cranking up the aggression for 2019. This specific trim shown here is a new Trail Boss model, which reps said will include all the Z71 goodies plus a 2-inch lift kit right from the factory.

The styling bears out what we've seen in spy shots over the past few months, with a unique c-shaped LED trim underneath a narrow set of headlights. There's a great character line plunging toward the tarmac just aft of the front fender. Alert readers will note the wheel wells are significantly more rounded than the squared-off units of years past.

Around back, the exhaust pipes ape the narrow shape of the headlights, while the word 'Chevrolet' is hammered into the tail gate, at least on the Trail Boss trim. The bumper steps remain as well. Tail lights have a flared surface to them, pinched a bit at the centre near. 

We'll bring you more information as we get it. GM reps said the truck will next be seen at January's auto show in Detroit.