Our spy photographers got a peek inside the 2019 Chevy Camaro this week, only to find that at least one model will transmit its power to the road with a 6-speed manual.

CARB documents found by our sister site, AutoGuide, indicated that the 6.2-liter Camaro would be getting the Corvette's 7-speed tranny, adding fuel to the flames of a rumor that had already been burning.

Later, those CARB documents were revised to exclude the 7-speed, confusing the matter. This 6-speed only makes matters look worse for the prospect of a 7-speed.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the 6-speed doesn't necessarily mean that a 7-speed isn't in the works, since the first CARB document included both the 6- and the 7-speed transmission.

The Camaro will be the recipient of some substantial facelifting in 2019, with standard models receiving changes from the A-pillar forward. Around back, meanwhile, it looks like new taillights are on deck, along with some revised rear fascia.

Expect the widespread use of the 10-speed auto, as well as some minor engine improvements to keep pace with the Mustang.

Rumors also abound that a Z/28 is coming with the refresh, but that remains to be seen.